You can Hate Donald Trump, But His Young Son Is Off Limits

Jan 23, 2017

I am as liberal as they come, a “live and let live” kind of girl. Our current president is my most mind-numbing, gut-wrenching, stomach-turning horror show of a nightmare personified. Like millions of others, I find the brilliant, spot-on impersonation of the orange clown by Alec Baldwin downright hilarious. He’s an adult; he can take it (he certainly dishes it). But I would never laugh at anyone mocking his innocent 10-year-old child. EVER.

An SNL cast member stated, in a now deleted tweet, 10-year-old Barron Trump “will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” Some have criticized him for refusing his mother’s hand at the inaugural parade. Other despicable columnists have speculated he’s autistic due to being a “fidgety, socially awkward kid who does not speak or shake hands” (that’s ripped from a headline).

He’s 10. Lay the hell off this child. He is off limits if you have any semblance of a heart. No decent, self-respecting human being would viciously attack a prepubescent boy living a life he didn’t ask for.

If you want to criticize or demean his father, have at it. He campaigned to be the leader of the free world. His young son, however, is just along for the ride. Please give him a chance to find his footing, to mature in the harsh spotlight coveted by his father unscathed.

Though our socio-economic status, political affiliation, and moral compass separate us, I do have one thing in common with the now first family: I love my kids. There’s no doubt they do too, and should not be subjected to people making fun of their little boy, no matter how much you despise their policies. Stop it. Now.

Do you think Barron Trump is fair game in our increasingly hostile political environment?

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