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Visit Me at the Warwick Barnes & Noble’s Local Author Event

Oct 17, 2019

Barnes & Noble’s Local Author Event

I’ll appearing at a local author signing panel at the Barnes & Noble in Warwick, Rhode Island this weekend. They’ve made sure to have a diverse committee of authors- so there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy!

You’re sure to find a new book for every age and interest! Come out and support our local authors’ work!

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The following authors will be appearing at this event:

“100 Things to Do in Rhode Island Before You Die”


Rhode Island Off the Beaten Path features the things travelers and locals want to see and experience––if only they knew about them. From the best in local dining to quirky cultural tidbits to hidden attractions, unique finds, and unusual locales, Rhode Island Off the Beaten Path takes the reader down the road less traveled and reveals a side of Rhode Island that other guidebooks just don’t offer.

Author: Robert Curley





Devon Burges is in the throes of a high-risk birth when she learns of her dear friend’s murder. The police quickly name another friend as the chief suspect, but Devon doesn’t buy it—and despite her difficult recovery, she decides to investigate.

Haunted by postpartum problems that manifest as a cruel voice in her head, Devon is barely getting by. Yet her instincts are still sharp, and she’s bent on proving her friend’s innocence.

But as Devon digs into the evidence, the voice in her head grows more insistent, the danger more intense. Each layer is darker, more disturbing, and she’s not sure she—or her baby—can survive what lies at the truth.

Author: Vanessa Lillie


“The Age of Sustainability”


Sustainability is the #1 focus of the climate movement and essential to building a resilient world. Finding new energy sources to replace fossil fuels and supporting ecosystem services will build a world that can support the 10 billion souls who will be here at mid-century.

Author: Denis Pombriant


“When You Lived in My Belly”


A delightful month-by-month storytelling of pregnancy, When You Lived in My Belly gives children a glimpse into a past they can’t remember, and takes moms back to a time they will never forget.

Author: Jodi Meltzer (Me- of course!)



“Happy Times: A Collection of Short Stories”


A friendly visit starts you on a road to happiness – to a special story with reason to have a very special day, leading to a funny adventure with a silly crab named David! Then have fun with two cousins – a dog and a kitty cat — and see how they came to be. Then allow for fresh antics with Reginald the Robot and see what pal Reggie has to offer. Then finally, delight yourself with how Lailah the Lighthouse was born and yes, you will find… Happy Times!

Author: Lois Rosenfield




Take a trip to Hamilton, England, a village knowing and living by peace and justice under the fair and loving rule of their beloved King Stephen. This reign will come to be threatened by evil and deceit from an insane tyrant.

Author: TR Michaud


“The Lobstah That Ate New England: 365 Lobstah Recipes to Bust Yah Gut”


This self described Humor Cookbook is choc full of delightful tidbits. Author Bob Albee describes the book as the following; “Galley cookin’ has been a way of life ever since me Great Grand Pappy Albee, the greatest Mastah Galley Chef of all time, started learnin’ me about his secret Lobstah recipes and I’m here to share them with you!”

Author: Bob Albee


“The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Film”


Every year, the haunted Mathswell mansion lures eight teenagers into its depths on Halloween night. As a previous victim cursed to wander the estate, Jacqueline uses her expertise on horror films to guide the newest teens. But there is a problem. No one can hear her sarcastic voice.

Author: Coral Isabella Aurora



“The Legends of Eve”


Everyone is a part of the Circle of Time, eternally reliving the same life. But Destrou is the anomaly. And this is his first chance at life—maybe his last, if everything works out.

S’rae is a lonely girl born millennia after Destrou. Before she could achieve her dream to graduate top of her class at the School of Wind, the professor tells her she is one of the twelve destined students from the three elemential schools chosen to visit the Valley of Gaia. Fun, right? Except this destiny was written by the blood of Gods and no one has seen the Valley in over three thousand years.

How are they linked?

Author: Anonymous


“Evil in Exeter”


Ever since she was a little girl, Hayley has been surrounded by ghosts. As she grew older, she began to realize that no matter where she moved or what place she lived in, the spirits would seemingly follow her. Their presence and mischievous behaviour had never been problematic until she began to realize that something more sinister was at work.​

Author: Hayley DiRaimo



“The Story of the Can’t That Could”


Can’t feels like there’s nothing he can do. But when he meets a wee little elf, all of that changes. Can’t soon discovers that with a little confidence, he CAN do so much! Follow along on his journey to becoming a Could!


Lydia Cohn

(representing her mother Joan C. Yingling’s posthumously published)

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