To give the big guy up or keep him under wraps, that is the question.

My son came home today and informed me that a girl in his class told him Santa isn’t real, that parents eat the cookies or toss them in the trash, and that his whole childhood is a lie (okay, the last one was me).

I have built trust with my little guy. When he asked about sex, I told him what it was in an age appropriate way. I copped to being the tooth fairy after he launched quite the investigation into it. But this….


I got a phone call that distracted him (yes!) so I bought myself time for this conversation, but not much.

He’s 9-years-old, in 4th grade. He will bring it up again!

What should I do? I don’t want to compromise the trust we have in our relationship, but I also don’t want to cop to the universal lie we tell our kids too soon.

When did your kids find out? Help me out by commenting below with some advice!