Early buzz about When You Lived in My Belly

As a part of the press tour I’m currently on some very exciting people and publications have started to rate and review When You Lived in My Belly, here’s some amazing praise that has started to come in;

 “A reassuring book with kid-friendly explanations that celebrate the maternal bond.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“I think this book is forever going to be on my Amazon list for baby showers!”

—Nura’s Little Library

“5 out of 5 Stars. I love that this book is written in such a poetic/lyrical way. It made me miss being pregnant actually.”

—The Pages In-Between

“Jodi Meltzer delivers the information in a soothing and catchy rhyme. I also love the choice of using realistic photos. #kingrecommended”

—Katie King, Queen of the First Grade Jungle

“If you are looking for a book that briefly explains to a child what happens during pregnancy, this is a well-done book.”

—Conny Withay, Bookpleasures