Moms: Here’s Proof You’re Doing It Right

Oct 1, 2017

We all wonder–and, at times, obsess–about whether we are “bad moms”. Self-doubt comes with the parenting gig.

Whenever you are questioning yourself about your choices, beating yourself up for your actions, or worrying about how you compare to other moms/your mom/your idealized version of how you thought you would parent before becoming a mom, stop it. Just stop.

Erin Macke, 30, a pathetic excuse of a mom, left her four babies– two aged 12, one 7, and the other 6—to fend for themselves while she went on a vacation to Germany. She tried to make childcare arrangements in advance of her getaway, but they all fell through. Instead of rescheduling her good time, she opted to leave her 12-year-old twins in charge for 12 days.

Can you imagine? No, you cannot…because you are doing it right.

She’s a bad mom. You are not. I don’t care if you yelled at your kids, took away their Kindle for no reason, or locked yourself in your bathroom to escape their insanity for a few minutes. I don’t care if you purchased something frivolous for yourself instead of signing them up for their tenth extra-curricular activity. I don’t care if they ate pizza in the car on the way home from practice. I don’t care if you have already dropped them off late one month into the school year. And you shouldn’t either.

You do everything you can to keep your kids safe. You sacrifice much needed and earned vacations if you can’t leave your children in capable hands. You give them an endless abundance of love. You console them when they need a reassuring hug. You cheer for them on the sidelines–even if they score for the wrong team. You help them with frustrating homework that makes you want to run away from home. You put your kids before yourself even though all of the experts say you shouldn’t.

You do it all.

Erin Macke was charged with four counts of child endangerment and one of transferring a firearm to a person under 21. Police said the latter charge was filed because Macke left a Glock 9mm handgun in her bedroom, within the children’s reach. Could you ever close the door behind you—suitcases packed, tickets to a foreign country in hand—and say goodbye to your kids, leaving your gun on your nightstand next to two ammunition magazines? And document your recklessess with carefree selfies on social media?


This despicable woman belongs in jail. Her kids deserve a mom like you…even on your worst day. Whenever you find yourself wondering if you’re ruining your children forever, think of Erin Macke.

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