It’s mind-numbing to think about all the possibilities that are ushered in by a new decade, if my last one is any indication.

In ten short years, I experienced both the best and the worst life has to offer.

My incredible son was born.

My beloved mom died, after a grueling 11 year fight with ovarian cancer.

I met and married my soulmate, after taking a third world country type of road to true love.

My best friend of 30 years exited my life under her now husband’s influence.

I wrote a children’s book, fulfilling my mom’s dream, and it was published.

I gained a bonus son through marriage.

I adopted the most loving and loyal rescue dog who spends her days curled up on my lap as I work.

My son and bonus daughter lost their dad.

I moved three times, ultimately settling in my home now–a place my family adores.

I penned some posts that went viral for several publications.

I travelled by plane, train, and car, to destinations near and far that enriched my life and informed my worldview.

I got my one and only tattoo with one of my other best friends on my 40th birthday.

I got to watch my kids grow, prosper, and achieve–and I can’t wait for more milestones.

A lot can happen in a decade. What are you looking forward to? Let me know in comments.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s celebration!