What do Jessica Simpson and I have in common?  It’s not the blonde hair. Pretty sure she was born with hers and I…wasn’t.

It’s not our vocal prowess. That girl can seriously sing and I…can’t. My kids try to shut me up right away.

Give up?

She launched her book tour last night at the same location I’m going to on April 25th! Barnes & Noble, Union Square, New York is the place to be!

I embarked on a 12-hour roadtrip (parents have lots of trouble escaping for long periods of time, as you know) so I could see the space and meet Jessica. Clearly, her event was much bigger than mine will be, but it was amazing to get a feel of what it will be like in a couple short months. And, as an incredible bonus, my best friend/illustrator of my book, “When You Lived in My Belly“, met us there.

Jessica is an absolute sweetheart who poured her heart and soul into her book. I wish her only continued success!

Yes, I gifted her with a copy of my book to read with her beautiful children. Here’s hoping they love it!