Yesterday, I drove from Washington, DC to Savannah, GA (after driving from MA to DC a few days earlier). It took about 10 hours, and I heard zero complaints or “Are we there yet?” pleas.

Instead, my beloved son and dog were both treated to the lovely vocal stylings of yours truly, and I was treated to lively conversation, including random questions, trivia, and facts, courtesy of Alex:

“Mom, do you think Nina Blackwood smokes 7 packs of cigarettes a day? Her voice is so raspy.” (Yes, we listen to ’80s on 8, so he fully knows all of the original MTV deejays. Solid parenting, yes?)

“Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech was delivered at the Lincoln Memorial.”

“Prince was a musical genius. He played every instrument.”

“Did you know Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity with the kite experiment and signed the Declaration of Independence, but was never president?”

“I think Grammy Mimi lives on in Adara (our dog). I gave Adara a choice to respond to her name or Mimi for a treat and she chose Mimi!”

“It’s on my bucket list to have four girls fight over me, not just two.” (Ummmmmm…not a fan of this one, but I couldn’t believe he said it!)

“Did you know the Washington Monument is two colors because they ran out of money building it?”

“Dealing with snakes in Florida will be a lot like dealing with you before you’ve had coffee. I’ve got this.”

Today, we will leave Savannah for Tampa. Parents, I highly recommend taking a long road trip with your kids. You get to know them on a whole new level!