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Jul 1, 2021

Kirkus Reviews just released its take on my new children’s book, “Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are“, and it’s beyond amazing. If you look on the back of any New York Times bestseller, you will see a quote from Kirkus Reviews. It is widely known and respected in publishing; the reviewers are brutally honest and can make or break authors.

I waited for this review (nursing major butterflies in my stomach) for months, and I am floored. It’s 100 percent positive!

Read the full review below.

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The below text is from Kirkus Reviews, originally posted here.


In this picture book, a boy is comforted with the knowledge that love endures.

After a great day at the beach with his mom, the young narrator notices a star in the darkening sky that seems to follow him. Rubbing his eyes in disbelief doesn’t make it go away. His mother is too busy driving to look, but she explains that the star’s distance creates an optical illusion, according to science. But, she adds, her personal belief is that such a star signifies that someone you love, even if absent, continues to care for you. A star may be temporarily obscured in the daytime or by a cloud, but it is still there. Remembering those he’s lost—his father, grandmother, and cat—the boy feels the brightness always present in the dark. In her second picture book, Meltzer offers a simple, powerful metaphor for the unbreakable bonds that persist past death in terms kids can understand. Compassionate but not saccharine, the book’s lyricism matches its hopeful message. Camarra, who also illustrated Meltzer’s previous picture book, combines rich swatches of color with images seemingly collaged from paper scraps in an exuberant, appealing faux naif style. An “I Remember” page for readers to write down memories of the departed is included.

Poetic, inspiring, and beautifully illustrated.


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