Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are
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Heartfelt and reassuring, "Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are" helps kids cope with grief, loss, and longing in an enchanting way, sparking meaningful conversations about the everlasting power of love.

"Poetic, inspiring, and beautifully illustrated." — Kirkus Reviews

"A brilliantly written book that will help grieving kids of all ages." — Brie Overton, Chief Clinical Officer of Experience Camps

"Jodi Meltzer provides a beautiful point of view in Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are, weaving the concept of universal connection and creating a comforting link between the child in the story, their mother, and their loss." — Readers' Favorite Review

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When You Lived in My Belly
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A delightful month-by-month storytelling of pregnancy, "When You Lived in My Belly" gives children a glimpse into a past they can’t remember, and takes moms back to a time they will never forget.

"A reassuring book with kid-friendly explanations that celebrate the maternal bond . . . a gentle, sweet introduction to the basics of fetal development and what pregnancy is like." — Kirkus Reviews

"Very highly recommended." — Midwest Book Review

"I have to say that the book is PERFECT. I enjoyed the cadence of the sentences, the choice of words, and how every stage of the pregnancy is so well described and yet so easy to understand.” — MuggleNet

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About Jodi

Jodi Meltzer is a multi-award-winning author who recently moved to Tampa from her native Boston in search of more sunshine, literally and figuratively. She has also written extensively about grief, divorce, and parenting for various publications, including HuffPost, The Mighty, Scary Mommy, and Thrive Global....

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