Soooo…let me tell you about my upcoming weekend.

✔️ My beautiful, brilliant bonus daughter is graduating from college tomorrow. When I met her, she still believed in Santa Claus, and I absolutely adore the woman she has become. Today, we take a road trip to celebrate her with dinner at her favorite place.

✔️ My son has a birthday party to attend after her graduation. His friend is such a great kid that we are going to push ourselves to make it.

✔️ The next day is my son’s 9th birthday (and party–at my house I just moved into a couple of months ago–with a gaming truck and bouncy house and all sorts of shenanigans I am ill prepared for).

When-You-Lived-In-My-belly-Busy-Weekend✔️ For shits and giggles, just because the school must know how insanely busy I am, my son had to dress up like Thomas Jefferson for a class presentation today. A frantic visit to Party City last night only paid off with a wig. So, I was on my own to figure it out this morning. An inside-out FBI vest, his Mom’s scarf, and bunched up sweats kind of look colonial, no?

Of course, all of this is great stuff, but I could use some good juju. Happy Friday!