As many of you know, I have a monthly radio segment, Hollywood Mommy Dish…but I cannot wait until the next show to weigh in on the Khloe/Tristan/Jordyn saga.

Quick recap: Tristan Thompson is a complete cad. Only an absolute douchebag would cheat on his pregnant girlfriend multiple times with multiple whores, and he did just that to Khloe Kardashian less than one year ago. There were disgusting videos of him motorboating women like a prepubescent in heat, of him leading a Koko lookalike into a hotel in the wee hours of the morning. Khloe found out about his philandering penis just days before she gave birth to their daughter. It was vile.

Still, she took him back. Despite the brutal evidence and horrifying heartbreak, she stood by him. I can honestly say I never would have made that decision, but I digress…

After that level of betrayal, I don’t think many expected much out of Tristan. I mean, he’s disgusting, and clearly incapable of being enough of a respectful human to keep it in his pants. Khloe was trying to save her family for her daughter’s sake, but everyone knew it wouldn’t work. Everyone except for Khloe.

Tristan’s last hookup is the lowest of the low. Tristan had a house party last weekend, confiscated everyone’s phones, and proceeded to make out with Jordyn Woods. Yup, that Jordyn Woods. Khloe’s sister’s best friend. The only reason why anyone knows who Jordyn is is because of Kylie Jenner. Jordy is a leech who sucked her fame from KarJenner blood.

Jordyn lives with Kylie Jenner. She takes care of Kylie’s daughter, Stormi, and calls herself “Auntie.” She has been a part of the KarJenner inner circle for years, even modeling for Khloe’s Good American brand.

Normally, I get pissed off when women blame other women—instead of their husbands—for cheating. There are always women out there who will cheat with your man (due to self esteem or daddy issues or whatever); it’s on him to be faithful. But this…this makes me want to vomit. Jordyn is also at fault here. Beyond!

Tristan and Jordyn both have to go. They can both go back to life on the D List as far as I am concerned…total dogs.

What would you do if you were Kylie? Would you dump your best friend for cheating with your sister’s boyfriend? I say yes!

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